Friday, August 21, 2009


This process tests us in many ways..especially our patience! I have been overly the point of annoying but, I get things done! Two key people in our process are NEW...and are unfortunately learning right along with us. I am trying to be understanding because of it but..Its HARD! As long as we do everything we are supposed to do I'm sure everyone else will catch up..

Our other frustration is trying to understand those who do not understand us! Our decision to adopt was a huge one but one we prayed about for a long time. Most individuals have faith right along with us, others..well they think we are crazy! Faith sometimes makes you do things that others just don't understand. There is no way to explain to people what is in our hearts and how we feel God has led us down this path. We don't expect everyone to agree..just have an open mind and a open heart! Our hope is with time everyone will see what a blessing these children will be!

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