Friday, July 24, 2009

The good and the frustrating....

This week started out great..we got a lot checked off our list! Wednesday we got our birth certificates within 20 minutes! The marriage certificate was quick and easy also! We faxed 15 of our required documents and only 2 had to be redone. Our hope is we hear from our social worker soon! We are kind of at a stand still at this point. Got some frustrating news...our hope is to adopt an infant boy and a toddler girl, siblings or unrelated. Our latest email basically said our chances of siblings that age are slim to none and we could wait forever. If we want unrelated children our second child would have to be over 5..that is their policy..not what we were planning. Frustrated because never in the million emails or countless piles of paperwork did we ever read this! what? Do we just adopt 1 or do we stand on our faith and pray that at our time of referral siblings are available? We are praying for guidance on this one! From what we understand almost half of the people adopting from Ethiopia want more than one child which increases the wait. We are strong in our faith and know that God will show us the way. Thanks to all our friends and families for your continued prayers and support, and a special thanks to our friend Matt Rosenow:)

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