Saturday, March 12, 2011

3 months home!

WOW!! Time flys when you are having fun! I don't know what made me count but I just realized we have been a family of 7 for 3 months now!!! This month has been a blast! The kids are adjusting so well we are constantly amazed! This month we had our first vacation as a family of 7! It feels like they have always been part of our family..its hard to remember what it was like without them. The newness has gone away now it is just everyday normal life! I find it actually funny how familiar it all seems. So many months were spent worrying about how it would all work..this family of 7 thing! It may be a little louder, the car is alot fuller, we go through alot more food but the laughs..the love..and the sheer blessing is indescribable! They are my children..and God always knew that! The hugs..the kisses and the snuggles, they tell me the kids new this before me too. You wouldn't think that after only 3 months we would gel together so well but it is amazing! Long before they were here..before we even knew who they were I prayed for them, I pray for their family that was making such a hard decision, I prayed for the kids who would grieve the loss and I prayed for God to open their hearts to the new family that would be theirs. Clearly God had it all handled. Don't misunderstand we have had to work through a few minor things and I'm sure as they become more comfortable with us more things may creep up but I don't think there will be anything we cant handle. Adoption is not an easy process..months of loss..weight stress..your faith being tested..relationships being tested..constant feeling of being out of control (not the case for everyone!) excitement when looking at the future. This process changes you and everyone around you. Seeing how they have changed and flourished how can it not change you! It really wants to make you grab a hold of everyone you know and say..ADOPT!! I know it is not for everyone but boy am I glad it is for us!! So month 3 brought lots of changes for both kids...

Tamirat (Tommy)

Well this has been a huge month for Tommy!!! Our little man is growing like a weed! I can barely lift him up now! Pants that were short on him now just fit! I am anxious for the next Dr appt to see how much you have brown since being home. Since referral till now he has grown 5 inches and gained 10lbs!!!! No more temper tantrums unless your brother is teasing you!! He is a typical 5 year old but actually I am amazed at how well you still except NO! I say still because you are learning quickly form your siblings that Mom and Dad tend to wear down with ample whining! We are working on making eye contact with those outside the family and saying hello and answering questions. Tommy is not to keen on new people so he hides out and pretends he cant hear you talking to him but he is starting to slowly come out of his shell. This month you started preschool! The teachers are amazed at how well he is doing in everything! Letters, numbers, colors, shapes..all mastered! Now we are working on making some friends and learning to socialize but that is coming along great! 3 months! What will the next few bring! Tommy is so sweet, he is very inquisitive of everything and a very quick learner. This month you also lost your first tooth! This was a tough one..he had no idea what to do with a wiggly tooth and refused to wiggle it out or let anyone touch it. Well the new tooth started to pop up behind it so we knew we had to get that one out sooooo in comes the tooth fairy talk! Money is a great motivator and now that he has experienced it once I don't think we will have any trouble again! I'm sad to say it is all English now no more Sidaminga or Amharic not even to your sister:( Who you lovingly call Millionie! Your favorite things to do are listen to music on your siblings Ipods or in the car! The funniest moment this month was catching you by surprise singing into your sisters Microphone while dancing..yes we caught it on tape! Tommy is ad the snow is melting but also happy for clear roads to ride his bike!! Praying for lots of snow free days to come!!

Writing your name for the first time!

1st lost tooth

Million (Milly)

Miss Milly! My talkative little girl! NON stop talking!! You LOVE to talk!! If you didn't get it she talks alot:) # going on 16!! Your vocabulary is astonishing!!! I think you talk more than Tommy! Sometimes I catch you singing in your old language but it is all English all the time! New phrase is " That's Disgusting" LOL! Since Tommy started school Milly has taken his place in a weekly playgroup and has started attending the daycare at the gym (Yeah for mom!) Milly is such a social butterfly! She loves going places and meeting new people! I think next fall we may look into dance classes because you love attention and love to perform! We went to see Sesame Street live and you loved it!! Elmo is definitely your favorite! You are a girlie girl and you have the bows to prove it!! Purple is your color! Summer dresses are going to be so much fun! Lots of bright colors and big bows! You are the light of the house so energetic and  full of life! You always make us laugh! You love pretend food and tea parties!! Chips and Dip are still your all time favorite food! Anything with like that too! You have grown a ton too! Since referral till now 5lbs and 5 inches! We had a month of sickness but now you are back to your bubbly self! We are starting swimming lessons too after we discovered you love of water in Florida! A 2 1/2 yr old shy little thing to a 3 yr old bubbly giggly little girl! We are so blessed!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Family fun..

Everyday life is full of craziness and fun!! Its pretty much always loud around our house! NO its not always yelling! Often you hear Barney or Sesame street in the background, the kids are chatting...someone is singing or laughing. Never a dull moment! Milly can always be found talking as she never stops:) The car is an experience in itself! I wouldnt trade it for anything though! These pictures sum it up!  I love our crazy family!!!!!!